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Local techsperts are always available to fix your tech, from phones to fridges, laptop to lawn mowers. Post your problem and get it resolved.

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    Whether you need a job doing, or you want to compete to win jobs you need to register for an account.

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    As a user your account will give you the ability to post jobs (up to 10 concurrently), pick Techsperts to complete jobs and review your Techsperts after.

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    Broken your phone?

    Post your job and wait for local Techsperts to bid to complete the job. Give the Techspert as much information as possible for example, what happened to cause the problem, the type of problem and what's needing to be resolved.

    Feature your post

    Need your job completed fast? Featured posts get emailed out to Techsperts with the same specialty as your post category within your area. This is an instant invitation for them to put in a bid before anyone else.

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    Get your stuff fixed!

    You can see any Techspert's profile and their previous reviews before accepting a bid. You could have the job completed in the same day!

    Paying your Techspert is all completed outside of Nerdbox - this is so considerations such as prices for new screens. Once your problem has been resolved, you and your Techspert mark the job as complete and review eachother. Your review will become an indicator for future Nerdbox members who select this Techspert to complete their job.


See what our users say

We have a number of Techsperts ready to help users resolve their technical issues. See what some of our community said about their experiences.

David Hodge, Techspert

It's great for my spare time where I can make a bit of extra pocket money during the week doing what I love.

Rachel Doherty, User

I posted my job in the morning, and within 2 hours I had 5 Techsperts to choose from. I had my phone screen fixed by the end of the day, and for a lot less than in town.

Glen Pritchard, Techspert

It's a great place to find freelance jobs, helping local people fix their technology or remedy their tech problems. Nerdbox has let me find my feet and let's me earn whenever I want.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Does posting a job cost anything?

    Posting jobs is completely free! However, you can feature a job to give it more prominence for a small fee, beyond that you only pay the Techspert once they have completed your job.
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    How do I become a Techspert?

    Becoming a Techspert is quick and simple, if you are a professional business, advanced practitioner or highly skilled hobbyist in the field of technology, please follow the this link to becoming a Techspert
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    How do I pay my Techspert?

    All payments are agreed in advance with your winning Techspsert so there are no surprises. All payments are paid away from nerdbox, so we do not take any commissions or payment fees. For independent advice on the most secure payment methods please visit
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    How do I get an urgent job complete quickly?

    When posting your job, we give you then option for it to be a ‘featured post’. This means your job sits at the very top of the jobs page, and will be highlighted to our experts. We also have a further option for your job to be ‘Immediately Notified’ this emails all matching Techsperts immediately with your job details, allowing them to bid quickly and directly to your job (Fee’s apply)
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    How do I choose the right Techspert?

    All of our Techsperts have fully user rated and reviewed profiles, when choosing your Techspert ensure you take the time to look through each profile, check their star rating (Out of 5 stars), how many jobs they have completed, and the written reviews by previous job posters, this will give you an in-depth understanding to the quality of each Techspert. We at nerdbox will always review our Techsperts and remove anyone we believe not to be veritable, and up to the standards expected of our community.
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    How do I know I am getting a fair price?

    This is the great thing about nerdbox, as your job is listed to be bidded on like an auction, and we do not limit the number of bids, you can clearly see the price each Techspert submits, giving you a clear comparison on prices. Can’t say fairer than that!
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